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Hexxit Pre 1.0.1 world Fix Found


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Hey guys so I was really tired of this whole, "1.0.0" worlds not working with 1.0.1. So made a new world, did a little progress, and started transferring files from the broken 1.0.0 to the new 1.0.1

As it turns out, my Mapwriter file had become corrupt/broken.

So for broken Pre-Update worlds, make a new one and switch the Mapwriter from the new world to the broken one and it works like a charm. Hope this helps!

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I am not entirely sure how that happened either, or I wouldn't have had this "ah-hah" moment. What kind of map was it? I was using a regular map, magic map, and a maze map in the TF. Then I closed down because I had become aware of the update, and wanted to. Started up, and it crashed. Multiple days later I happened to fix it. You tell me the problem.

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