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  1. Minecraft is all about CPU for the most part. With all the mods added, even guys with good setups tend to lag a bit.
  2. Necrotic Bones look like black bones. Bones come from skeletons. Black bones must logically be related to Wither Skeletons. Do the math... I didn't even have to look this up. I've had to look up about 2 things since the pack was released and they were mainly about the mods that didn't even have a mod page/wiki page yet, such as HexxitGear.
  3. Oh I know, I was just making a statement.
  4. It wasn't hostile. It's been only a few days or a week and people are seeing if texture packs that work with the modpack are even out yet. HexxitGear is a custom mod by the Technic team, so that means people have to make the new textures. That takes awhile if you want it to look good.
  5. Did not know the first option, so thanks for that! :)
  6. My 1.0.0 world worked with my 1.0.1 world....
  7. You put chisels with items and it makes bricks. Try putting a chisel with endstone to make endstone brick. Use it on one single diamond to make a diamond brick. (It makes them into decorative blocks basically.) Pretty useful for decorating and have used a bunch in my building. :)
  8. Any public server with these kinds of modpacks/mods need to have some major rules, filters, permission blocks, etc. or the entire server will just blow up haha.
  9. Hexxit was made around to be on servers, do you realize that? Without decking yourself out completely and even then, dungeons and such are still difficult without other people. Then all the loot is overwhelming for just one person. That's why the loot is so big. For multiple people... Travelling is fun and all, but I prefer travelling out, finding stuff, and then, you know, not having to go all the way back with the risk of losing my stuff. On my server when my friends are all separated in groups, I need an easy way to get around and teleporting is useful... Hexxit wasn't based around 100 people. It was based around 20 at MAX. It's mainly for small groups of players. I have about 7ish-10ish max players on my server and there's only one person who annoys us. He just goes out and explores when we're not on and basically explores most stuff we find. It's annoying to find him on my server in the early mornings and late nights. :(
  10. It works perfectly fine on my system and have yet to fall into the void. If you fall into the void then that is lag. I've used the portal gun mod and by going through the portal I was sent to the void. That was lag. Same kind of scenario here.
  11. I've enabled teleportation via the map on my server in the MapWriter.cfg and everyone in my server has it enabled in their config. The issue is that you need to be OP, or operator, to access the "tp" command. If I make them OP then they have the power to stop my server, give themselves things, etc. and I do NOT want that. Is there a way to have this use of teleportation enabled without giving them OP powers?
  12. That's just lag. Also if you teleport into a randomly never generated chunk before, you will lag to high heavens.
  13. Rapiers ignore armor and shields so it will easily destroy their armor. Best to have someone with a rapier go in and destroy the enemies armor and have people sniper from afar and then when the armor is down everyone switch to longsword, broadsword, or giant sword and go at it.
  14. EpicDictator


    I've found tons of Eye of Enders from dungeons/castles. I have enough to go to The End and my friend found a stronghold without using the eyes so I am guessing that The End will be my ender pearl farm.
  15. I didn't test that either. Thanks for that. :)
  16. For me, all I care about is having the thrill of raiding a castle, have a chance of dying but not enough to get owned every time I enter a room, and get all the sweet loot and then return home. Being invincible doesn't mean someone can't have fun. I prefer not dying over dying, you know? This just makes my life easier as we'd get this much experience anyway in the long run. All I want to worry about it gearing up with some awesome gear, heading out and finding those dungeons/castle, owning them Walkers/what-have-you, taking my loot back home, and relaxing for a bit.
  17. I guess I can't see that it's correct. I just did what looked like the book said and it didn't work, thus thought it was wrong. Oh well. Thanks for clearing that up.
  18. Oh thanks! I was looking through all the mods pages but couldn't find anything... Do you know about Blood, Soul, Decapitate, Soul Stealer, Focus, Bloodletting, Soulsteal, Sanguinary, Ward, and Reading? I know that's a lot to ask, but I seriously cannot find the enchantments for any of these dang mods even by going through the wikis, mod threads, etc.
  19. Yea the picture from the book is incorrect and it's not even lit in the picture. Once it's lit (the controller), you know it's working. You basically making a 3x3 seared brick basin and then take what the picture had, but lift the controller/tanks upward. Hopefully you figured it out.
  20. Yes and no. Don't try adding mods like Aether or MCMMO to a modpack, let alone a new one. If you freeze on the loading screen then your mods must be conflicting. And since there's already 50+ mods in Hexxit then that's very possible. You don't need to host an actual server to add mods, but if you have mods and have your friend join you in LAN, he/she needs to have the same files.
  21. And this is what I think about you: But INB4 CanVox or another mod rips you a new one. ;D
  22. Are you asking if these are compatible with Hexxit? You're asking for quite a lot if that's the case. Aether isn't compatible with too many mods at the moment anyway.
  23. I can confirm that you can in fact do this and he said it's a game-breaking exploit which is exactly what it is. Saying it's game-breaking doesn't mean it will instantly make the game unplayable. Once people know about this they will do some serious damage like the OP stated. I have fallen for this exploit unfortunately. All I can say is that "I'm using my resources" even though that's a BS excuse, but hey... I just want to kill things and get loot. Off-Topic Question: Do you have any idea what those certain enchantments do? Exude, Fiery Aura, Soul Tether, Vitality, Afterlife, etc? I've been wondering for so long.
  24. You're either A) Not allocating enough memory or Unknown Bug.
  25. The question is: Are you okay with teleporting? If so there may be an option in the MapWriter config but that's all I'll say...
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