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Voltz Update Status?


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Hey guys, I know your probably busy working on something and I know this sounds like its a request for an ETA, but it would probably help if you had a thread for Voltz contributors to state what they are working on with regard to the modpack, basically increasing the transparency so that you don't keep getting people moaning about how you haven't updated in a very long time, or asking when the next update will be etc.

good idea? yay? nay?

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oh, the voltz contributors have done their job, look for Universal Electricity, it is the source modback for Voltz, and Voltz is just a renamed and easier to install version of Universal Electricity. all UE mods are up to date with 1.5.2 i think.

It is the Technic Pack Crew who is busy with something else/lazy/not available

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Yes, all UE mods are up-to-date with 1.5.2. The Voltz pack is on hold at the moment though. There is a development version out now though, and regular testing is being done on it. You will see most of your favorite mods on it, and a few more.

And no, it isn't the Technic Pack Crew's fault for it not being released. They chose to hold it due to bugs, as you might have saw with mods like Electric Expansion and Assembly line.

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