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  1. Alright, there has been a huge amount of miscommunication and misunderstandings that are not being taken care of. First thing: Mekanism will not be coming back. It is no longer a UE mod, and was removed for this reason, as it uses its own power system now. Second Thing: Rotary Craft was added for its compatability with UE IIRC and to extend the early version of Resonant Induction. I do not think that will be removed. Third Thing: Electric Expansion will not come back. It died a long time ago, and is not going to be revived.
  2. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, the largest tank in that version is a portable tank, which can store 16 buckets of lava. The new version I know includes enderium portable tanks, which can store 64 buckets of lava, but it is expensive.
  3. Depends on how large that lake is. Which version of Tekkit are you using?
  4. Lock this up and put in the Whalebox if he doesn't come back.
  5. Yes, show him how immature he is! Post how it is TOTALLY his fault for you making that post! We should band together and start a rebellion later, and create a government where only mature people like you run the world!
  6. Technic and FTB has teamed up to secretly take over Curse.
  7. Have you considered introducing Project Red to add Forge Multipart functionality (Which will be VERY useful for Thermal Expansion's Item and Fluiducts)? It is compatible with Immibis's Microblocks IIRC. You may also consider phasing out Immibis's mods in favour of the superior FMP and Project Red, and finalizing the phasing out in 1.7.
  8. Well, the AT launcher and the Technic launcher are still viable alternatives. If FTB fails, then those two mod launchers will likely prevail, since I doubt anyone would be willing to pick up FTB's pieces if it does shatter. Regarding Forge/Curseforge, if Curse does close the source (Which would be STUPID and probably wouldn't last long without dedicated volunteers), someone else would easily pick up the pieces, since the open-source nature would solve that problem. Edit: I did double check the license forge uses, and it is possible for someone to close it. It would be impossible to sto
  9. They did say that the forums will be independent. They might be linked, but the moderators will remain. Also, I do see that FTB still owns themselves. If Curse tries anything, they should be able to pull out without too many problems. Also, reassuring quote from Slow: With regards to Forge, the only thing I see is that it will mean their download servers will be less likely to go down. Remember that Forge is open source, and due to the license, legally should remain so.
  10. What if you replaced the download button with an image, and linked it to somewhere that does not have download anywhere in the title?
  11. Uh.. no. Skyboy did some pretty crazy things to MFR. One of which is to directly hack Buildcraft, which has caused the BC team to label it as unsupported. While they eventually got that taken care of, I do know that other mods have problems with the current version of MFR.
  12. How did you get those shirts anyway? Did Mojang/Curse/someone else give them to you for free? Or did you pay for them out of your own pocket(s)? Also, I was watching the livestream about it. I am surprised no-one asked about the relationship between FTB and Tekkit, at least from what I saw.
  13. The converter is only designed to help keep old setups useful. Due to forced world resetting in 1.7, it won't matter anymore, making removing the converter likely. Well TE3's new power system adds unnecessary complexity... so...
  14. As some of you may know, Thermal Expansion switched from Buildcraft Power, to something entirely different, that involves melting redstone. That kind of kills the entire point of New Tekkit: A single, unified, power source. So what are the options? The way I see it, there are three. 1. Keep it the exact same way. However, setups will be completely messed up, as MJ will no longer be used with thermal expansion. (From what I understand, a converter will be used for 1.6. But it may be removed in 1.7, or "The update the changed the world") In addition, it removes one of the key features o
  15. Factorization was probably removed due to the Item Routers... which were so powerful they killed off any other automation (Even AE was no match for them).
  16. Thermal Expansion for 1.6 will be a port only. At least that was what was said regarding that last time.
  17. As said MANY times before, you must go underground to find oil. And you will need to bring an oil extractor and empty canister, as buckets will not work. And do not use the oil fabricator. It was disabled for a reason.
  18. A new version of EE, known as Resonant Induction, is in 1.6 however. It will take a long time for such an update to occur, however, due to the sheer amount of updating required.
  19. I don't recommend optifine. MCPatcher should still have the options available. I suggest you use that.
  20. Remember that this mod will eventually receive support for Universal Electricity. It is likely that this mod will be in Voltz, and a possibility this mod may be in Tekkit.
  21. Make sure you put glass in the middle.
  22. On my investigation, I also learned that the Enrichment process has changed significantly from 1.4.7. You will first need to find yourself uranium ore. You can then do two things. You can either put it in a nuclear boiler to make Hexafluoride, or put it in a chemical extractor with water to make yellow cake, then put the yellow cake in a nuclear boiler to produce more hexafluoride. You then need to figure out a way to pump that hexafluoride out. I recommend Mekanism Mechanical pipes, but don't forget to set it to extract mode with a Configurator. Using these pipes, put it into a centri
  23. Did you restart your world? For the oil worldgen to work, you must restart your world, or load new chunks that you have never explored before.
  24. First off, you double posted this topic. But let's ignore that. Second off, this isn't even the Hexxit bug forum, this is the discussion forum. The correct forum is literally stickied at the top of this forum. (http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/there-is-now-a-hexxit-bug-section.49314/) And third off: You didn't give a single bit of useful information. Operating system, Hexxit version, Technic Launcher version. Do you expect us to read your mind?
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