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MAtmos was removed?


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holy titballs, Im gone for a day for PT come back and someone managed to get offended by a response from dash, I thought that was my job, oh well thanks for covering for me guys, good to see people doing good work. Meat you are a troll, please just drop it, or admit your mistake, you cannot win here we have the high ground.

I know right? I think you might be rubbing off on me, Toki.

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A simple question and a major argument begins. Fact: 95% of all people disagree with that quote worldwide. So you believe that being harassed and offended means that you should be more harassed?

If you're offended, walk away and when you meet again you say,

We meet again, my foe. Last time we met, you bested me, but today, it is I who will be the one victorious.
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