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Energy BuildUp on Conductive pipes. Help Please!


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Whenever I try to power any conductive pipe with any type of engine, the power builds up in the pipe and explodes. I have triple checked that I have no loops in my pipes. Here is a video:

(please watch for a better idea of the problem)

Annoying because I can't get any power to my machines...

Thank you in advance.

Edit: It worked fine until 4 days ago

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Dylanpdx: It seems there is a bug with the BC Power Pipes. You will need to have the area chunkloaded with a Dimensional Anchor so that it does not break when the area is unloaded.

Why do they explode when they didnt before? Good question! Currently if there is no place to put the power, the pipe absorbs it until each piece is exploded. If the explosion happens when nobody is around, the pipe simply breaks and wont conduct.

To rectify this, you will need to break every piece of conductive pipe and replace it if you wish to continue using them. I would highly recommend using universal cable first, then switching to redstone conduit if you're going to be doing any large operation.

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