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MFR Planters not planting Magical Crops seeds?

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I'm attempting to plant nether seeds with a planter in order to automate glowstone production, but the seeds simply sit in the planter and do nothing. I have the planter under a 3x3 area of dirt and it has power. The idle timer is going but the work timer isn't. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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At a guess: probably nothing. MFR does not seem to be compatible with any of the Magical Crop seeds with the exception of (I believe) obsidian seeds. This is a known issue, though it's not clear if the obsidian seeds working is unintentional, or the incompatibility is unintentional. Either way, it seems to be on the Magial Crops side of things, since MFR is fully compatible with other mod's seeds (like Pam's Flowers, for example).

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as gfb said its probably not compatible and doesn't view the seeds as seeds. My solution to all my farming needs are turtules. They just do stuff, they don't complain.

If you need a script here is something I'm currently using my Emerald Farm: http://pastebin.com/FpMAgygM

Place the seeds in the bottom right corner, watch the fun.

Adjust timers as needed and add an Anchor to the chunk so they keep working.

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