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Steel alloy?

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Not at home so I can't login to test, but I remember two ways to make steel:

  • Smelt iron in a furnace
  • Throw the crappy chainmail armor you looted in the Thinker's Construct smelterymajig

When I made it on accident, I had placed materials to make alumite into the hopper over my TC smelter. I forgot that I had a charge going to my drains, so the drains were draining and making ingots before ALL the materials were smelted. Somewhere along the process a few steel bars were made. So, it should be some combination involving two or all of, iron, aluminum, and obsidian. I'll keep fooling around with it.

I'm getting iron when I smelt chainmail.

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That's strange, I'm getting Steel when I smelt chainmail. Dunno what's going on.

I get iron if I put chain and iron armor in at the same time. I just tested with just one chain piece and got steel. Still haven't figured out what combination makes the alloy. Buggered up my smeltery once, already, trying to figure it out.

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