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Tekkit Compatible with Voltz?


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My apologies if this has been answered but i havent found an in depth answer to my question, and i HAVE looked. I'm newer to modding bot familiar enough to understand that for certain reasons mods wont mix. some of the crafting recipes might be the same but make different items and such, as well as some blocks might be the same but are supposed to do different things. my question is, How can you tell if two mods will clash badly or not work whatsoever? and Will Tekkit and Voltz work together? i love the new Tekkit update with the galactic mod but i also want the Neucleur warfare of Voltz.

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He's talking about the New tekkit. Not Tekkit Lite.

You'll need to remove duplicate ores somehow (Actually something I need help on). And add a power converter mod so you can use Tekkit engines with Voltz Battery Boxes and the reverse.

You'll need to generate a fresh config folder as well. I doubt Voltz with work with the Tekkit Config.

Recipes will automatically allow you to use ores from both modpacks interchangebly. Copper ore from Volts will make a copper gear from tekkit and a wrench on voltz.

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