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Server using alot of memory

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Im not quite sure if this is normal, but ive been considering making my locally hosted server onto a real server for me and my friends. Locally hosting is a pain in the ass, and has its serious drawbacks

But on my PC the server uses about 2 - 2.5 gigs of memory.... this seems like a hell of a lot to me, and would make getting an adequate server quite costly ( assuming the memory usages was the same on my PC local hosted vs what ever server company i pick if i upgrade, idk ? ) Population is quite low cause its a private server 1-3 people at most on at a time.

I do have the nether loaded all the time via anchors cause i pump the lava outa it for my machines, only thing i could think of that could cause high memory usage.

I do get a bunch of errors when i launch the server "The world has leaked" ext ext not many but i always get them. I dont really know the meaning of em ...

The world is quite large also

Anyone have an insight ?

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