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I think I might be going blind!!!


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Hello I'm new to Hexxit so this might sound silly, but areas around my house and inside of it keep making me get blinded. I'll explain how it all happened. It all started when a harbinger showed up and killed me while exiting a nether portal and then it froze on spot until I re entered the portal got my stuff then upon exiting the portal the second time a creeper exploded in my face killing me again and shutting off the portal. Then I woke up blind and had to run about 50 blocks from my house for it to wear off since the timer never moves from 3 seconds unless I get far enough away from the spot where I was blinded. Any Ideas?

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I was playing around with the mods earlier and i came across a spawn egg Called "Spectral Miner" So i was all "Hells yeah!" And i spawned it in, well, i don't wanna spoil it 4 u but you might have HIM under your house he causes blindness for 3 seconds and it stays, either find and eliminate him or move. ALSO he cannot be killed by anything except a Scythe, i used a livingmetal scythe and i killed him in about 7 hits. He spawns ectoplasam at death and to be safe, wear armor.

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