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[1.0.5] OhGaming's Hexxit [PvP][Open 24/7][Towny][Multiple Worlds][MCMMO]


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PvP - Towny - Mythical Drops - Unlimited Dungeons & Battle Towers



Welcome to our Hexxit server! Once you join this mystical land of Hexxit you'll start off with some basic supplies which include some armor, bread, torches, sword, and basic tool. Our servers are very stable and lag free. We're always open and professionally staffed. This server is designed in a way where you'll never run out of dungeons or battle towers. Your adventure will always be able to continue!




Towny - We love the towny plugin at OhGaming. It's a lot better than factions in many aspects. Just think of factions but better with less glitches.

KillerMoney - Earn money by killing mobs in game. This provides a strong economical aspect for going on your hunts and tackling these dungeons. You'll always feel rewarded when hunting.

McMMO - Skill levels, in game abilities, and more RPGish feel!

Mythic Drops - You'll have a chance to find mobs with rare and custom made items! These items contain magical properties you can unlock with an Identification Tome. Another rewarding plugin for hunting and doing dungeons.

iConomy - Money is a strong aspect of any "RPGish" gameplay experience.

and more!


Our Website - http://ohgaming.org

Server IP - ohgaming2.org:25566

Server Owners - OaksVirals & Drippingpickle

All OhGaming servers are adult ran. We take pride in our servers and run them with professionalism. You'll never find any staff messing with you or your stuff here.


Click The Words Above to Vote and be rewarded when you log in!

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