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Hermitcraft-Like server

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I have recently started a tekkit classic server. In my opinion, tekkit classic is the best modpack ever. That is why I have bought a server with 1400 MB RAM and have not outfitted it with any plugins. The server itself is whitelist, and The End is disabled (don't hate me) because all the other servers that I have played on have failed when people fought over the rights to slay the dragon (something about the egg being the rarest block in the game... I don't know). This server will have no plugins, but it is a community, so no greifing. I know. sad.png

Anyways, in order to apply for the whitelist, please follow the following criteria:


Real Name:

Time Zone:

Something about yourself:

What language you speak (I am truly sorry, but if you do not speak English, you could have google translate in another window?):

What do you want on this server (Everyone should have a shop)

Do you have a Youtube Channel:

If so, will you be willing to film?:

Follow up information:

This is a community effort. If you watch Hermitcraft videos, then you should get the picture.

The people in the groundbreaking ceromony (7/8/2013) will be expected to help with spawn beautification.

Invite your friends!

Email me at [email protected].

If you don't have the techniclauncher, you can download it at www.technicpack.net

Skype is not necessary.

If you do not apply within the first two days, that's fine! This server will be up for a long time.

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Actually, this is not in the "rongsection", as many of the people believe, seeing as though the server has nothing on it yet, it is a discussion for what to do on the server. I have not had the time to register the server on the forums. I do, however, have that time right now, and will do that right now.

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I would love to register in advance. So here it is.


Real Name:Joseph/Joe

About me: Well, I am currently modding on mc-halo and genericland and also administrating on terratekkit. I love tekkit, specialise in industrialcraft2 and would love to mod/admin/join your server.

Time Zone: GMT

First Language: English

What I Want: I don't really understand you by this but I think that mining lasers, nukes and various other items should be banned. I also would like the golden shovel claim plugin thing.

YouTube: Yes and I would be happy to film if you could recommend any good screen recorders at a low price. My computer has 32 bit java.

Hop to see you soon


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IGN: FGxMasterDelta

Real Name: Jordan T. Spencer

Time Zone: -GMT -8

About me: I am sethbling jr. i am amazing with entirely vanilla redstoning, i am 8/10 to 10/10 at building (depends on your taste really) and I am overall a happy camper and would love to join this server of yours

Language: English

Youtube: Yes (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDEzRrZS-puct5cK1DTfEGQ)

Filming: Almost always (or atleast a time lapse)

Email: [email protected]

Skype: MicKiller25

Facebook: MicKIller25

Please pick me, this seems to be the perfect server for my needs. :D

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IGN: kinsella4

Real Name: Uilliam Kinsella

About Me: been playing tech mods almost as long as I've been playing minecraft. I have played tekkit, ftb ,better than wolves etc. but I find ee so fun that I'm back playing classic.

Language: English

Youtuber: yes http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIkzKYBEQWICjNO4JOVzM8A

Filming: yes hoping to start my first series on this server

Email: [email protected]

hoping to hear a reply soon.

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