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Cant run tekkit????????


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Please help me. I have a dell latitude d630 i know it is not made for gaming. i am able to run minecraft perfectly. but when it comes to tekkit it says my video cards are not good enough. is there anything i can do before having to buy a new graphics card and install it. any tips or tricks please help. I really want to play tekkit. Sorry i couldnt find my specs for my laptop

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You can try updating your driver's don't use the Dell ones go yo the cards website and get those also hit your Bois and see how much ram is being allocated to video you want at least a gig I would say but I wouldn't go over a 1/4 of your total ram also I'm going to take a guess and say your running 2-4 gigs total so maybe see if you can up that rams pretty cheap however if you already have 4 gigs and your a 32 bit system don't bother unless you want to get a new os.

if you need a walk through on ur bios post back it will take me a bit to do one but I can make you one

EDIT: alright I will try to do a walk through

1 right click on my computer click properties

2 select device manager

3 in the list find your video card write down the maker and model

4 goto the card makers website and get new driver's and install

5 now during initial startup hit f2 or f12 can't remember that should bring up the bios

6 navigate to the video card settings and adjust

Any problems or things you don't understand post back and I will try and clarify

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dell laditude d630 is a laptop if im not mistaken and has built in graphics i could be wrong but i dont believe you can put a new card in your probably going to need to get a new comp if the above fix dont do it that is

theres also some dirext x files that might need updating though im not sure which ones

to do this

open start and type in the bottem dxdiag run through the tests and post back your results

oh and you really shouldnt sign your posts it will get you in trouble as its against the rules better read them if you havent already

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It uses OpenGL drivers, if I recall.

Still wouldn't hurt to check the DirectX drivers anyways, other games use that.

Well maybe if I had other games. I own like 300 games over steam origin and uplay but I choose to play Minecraft all day.

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