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Allocated memory stuck @ 455MB


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#edit Technic launcher problem not Tekkit Lite problem.

Technic launcher has memory settings set to 4GB but in game i only get 455MB allocated memory.

Tried to change 1 GB, 2GB, 4 GB, 5 GB but in game it's always set to 455MB (ass?)

I have:

Latest Technic Launcer

Recommended Tekkit build

Win 7 Enterprise

Latest Java 64

8 GB ram


1)Uninstall java, delete folder(s) in %appdata%, restart, reinstall java, restart, reinstall technic launcer, restart.

2) Tried other mod and same problem.

So it is not tekkit lite problem but technic launcer problem!

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Can you open resource monitor (hit start, search Resource Monitor, run the program), select the memory tab at the top, and upload a screen shot of the window? Also, double check you have 64 bit java, I know some 32bit browsers will force download and install 32bit java. You can check by opening control panel, switching it to small icon view, and making sure the Java category doesn't have a (32 bit) next to it.

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