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Tekkit Tp/join/die problem


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Hey. Sorry if i post this in wrong section.

Well i got one problem with world. So when player join/tp/die/go to other world. Keep fall down. Then after few sec. it stop fall and it can walk. So any one any ideas why that happens?

we have 4GB Ram so it only use like 50% and very good CPU that is max use 3% all time. So it's not lag this problem was not in Tekkit Classic now when i install Tekkit 1.5.2 build 1.1.5 it does that.

Any one any ideas how to fix that? We also add more ram didn't help.

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seems to be a widespread problem; as far as I know, you just have to wait until a later build resolves the issue. (it happens to me all the time -- thankfully, it's only an annoyance rather than a game-breaking problem)

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