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Best or Worst Spawn?


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So, I got a pretty interesting spawn. I haven't decided whether I like it or not.


  • Endstone, which will supply my need for soul shards (I can't live without them)
  • Magic Cakes
  • Magic Apple Juice
  • A few other bits of decent loot
  • Just plain awesome
  • Easy to get clouds


  • No light sources, so the villagers are likely to die
  • No animal farms
  • Is mostly above a taiga biome, so most of the water is frozen
  • 50% of the loot is coal/cobble/arrows
  • Now, on the topic of getting down...


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I don't play Big Dig, so you will have to enlighten me as to what this is. Are these generated structures from some mod? It looks pretty sweet.

Yes, though I don't remember which one. I know that the mod is also in Hexxit, if that helps at all.

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