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Tekkit Lite Omnidirectional Force Field-based Quarry ship.


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If this thread is in the wrong sub-forum, by all means, tell me.

I have built an unusual "airship." It is a 9x9x9 RP2 frame ship which uses Block-breaking Force fields to burrow through terrain. It is a combination of RP2, IC2, ARS (Force Fields), and ComputerCraft.

It currently has a shield which it uses to break blocks, which is configurable in radius and has a camouflage upgrade, it has two shields designed to be used as prisons (Break blocks to stop escape, and also have damaging walls), which, by matter of happenstance, stay in the same location so long as their generator remains on, even during ship movement, and a city-annihilation-beam quarry-beam which can near-instantly (under 15 seconds unless it is large enough to cause heavy lag) make a configurable-sized quarry (up to 65x50x65).

A pic with it and two deploy-able prison cells, they were deployed at the same position relative to the ship, several meters apart relative to the ground, the ship can move without causing any interruption, however, they do constantly drain power (around 6 EU/tick between them).


But, it can also go Straight. Through. Almost. Anything. In any direction by computer commands, and what's more, it collects the vast majority of it into Diamond chests using 21 filters placed along the bottom half.

See a volcano? want 2 diamond chests of basalt? Voila! Done! If you use the easily accessible shield configuration to enlarge the shields to 13 meters wide (6 radius). If lag is of no concern, it should be able to plow through terrain twice per second, meaning at normal size, it plows through nearly 1 stack per second, and at extended size, nearly 4/3rds stacks per second.

It is powered by either a diamond chest (for security) or mod Ender chest (for longevity using an external recharger) (easily configured and auto-replaces batteries either way) full of batteries, and a 2-chamber 10-uranium 170-EU/tick nuclear reactor capable of sustaining cloaked mode for over 6 days, 12 hours, 53 minutes and 4 seconds, or holding up a force field of 34000 cubic meters (imagine 8 65x65 plates) continuously for 10000 seconds (over 2.5 hours).

The core, very slightly modified in the 9x9x9 ship around it to make easy access to chests, 7 wide (5 wide not counting wiring), 6 long and 5 tall, unlike most cores however, it includes self-replacement mechanism for the batteries, full wiring for both power and bundled cable controls, a computer connected to bundled cables, and is built with a 4-way horizontal interference design plus elevator interference design for 5th and 6th axis.. Interference designs are much easier to get unstuck, should they run in to something or try to move in two directions at once, because all engines in a given interfering unit push into and then off of the same block. They also save space because of the smaller need for frames and voidspace.


The full core specs:

Interference autocore mk I

filter-retriever perfect battery auto-replacement

Single highly accessible primary battery and chests.

Computer controlled by bundled cabling.


Horizontal loop Interference 4-way octo-motor.

Vertical double-quarter-loop Interference 2-way quad-motor.

105 cubic meters, tileable within 7x5x6, exactly 50% space efficient.

The full machine specs:

Maximum movement rate in air (no lag): 1.7 seconds per meter.

Standard movement rate in air (very minor lag): 2 seconds per meter.

Frame-motors: 12.

Controllable movement directions: 6 (all).

Power source: Mark-I 2-chamber 170 EU/tick 10-cell nuclear reactor and self-replacing RP2 batteries. (lasts 6.5 real-life days on smallest shields, 26 on subterranean move (limiting range to around 1100 km without uranium replacement at 0.5 m/s), and unknown, respectively)

565 cubic meters used, ~15 cubic meters required to be air to function, ~148 Cubic meters unused interior space (some of which is required for walking). 729 cubic meters volume.

Clearing some flatland.


We pave our roads in BEDROCK!


Sloppy eater :P


Counting times it's attempted movement until it completes its orders.


Shield fully extended and disguised as dirt, 2 prisons in arbitrary locations, and previous track made. It can sustain this until it runs out of uranium in like 4 hours.


Inside one of the prisons, on some makeshift construction so I don't get zapped :P.


Soo... what do you think? I have searched thoroughly and I am pretty sure that this is the first published thing to use Force Fields for omnidirectional annihiliation tunnel-boring or death rays ranged industrial digging from a UFO Flying Quarry.

Anyone else got something like this? suggestions for improvements? ways of easily defeating in battle mining capability. No EE2, that isn't part of Tekkit Lite.

EDIT: Will post schematic and video of world-destroying Resource Gathering and Apocalyptic Invaluable mining beam... later.

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Wow, this is way above my skill level. I just... Wow.

BTW, I think this is the correct section. Why do awesome people always say that anyway?

Frame ships are actually not as tough as they might seem.

The most complicated part is getting the motor compact enough to fit inside the ship and still be wired to the controls (be they computer- or lever-based) and power source. If you don't know how to build the frame-ship motors to begin with, there are some excellent tutorials on YouTube.

The next thing is the forcefield. It is possible to use multiple fields, but this is inefficient considering the 1000 block limit and interior space constraints. Use a single Area projector in an easy-to-reach area to make the field and adjust the center with an MFD. Mine has a block-cutter, a camo upgrade, an inhibitor upgrade (to prevent enemies boarding or damaging it.) And an underwater upgrade.

But you could change that for yours. say, switch the camo for a zapper.

You also need a way to collect items, I find that using the new Redstone tube frames connected to filters along the bottom of the machine is the most effective.

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Challenge: Do it in 1.5.2, using the current Tekkit + the latest MFFS and Jakj's RedstoneInMotion as it stands right now. (At least this would be a great stress test for RiM.) You're allowed to add more mods that I forgot to mention here, of course.

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