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Electric Engines? Why were they removed?

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I noticed electric engines were removed. Why?

I used them for my quarry power.

I used them with conductive pipes, etc etc.

Now I need to find a viable alternative, what is there to do? I want it to be powered by electric energy if possible. Please let me know and alternative!


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just as i thought it doesnt stop trying to send power to a finished quarry, thus it explodes the conductive pipe. is there a way around this? Redstone Conduit? (This wouldn't be okay with me as I will be using phasing power to a far away quarry, unless there is a way to transfer power that far with that, please let me know)

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You could use a gate. I'm fairly certain their in TekkitLite

You could set up a gate to turn the engine off automatically when it gets hot.

You could also use an energy tesseract to transfer power over distance. That's the only alternative I know to phase pipes and I doubt they would help much in your situation.

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Well in this case I wont be using engines. It will come straight from the MFSU or whatever storage I'm using. (With whole consumer/producer thing). I used redstone conduits in testing and it works wonderfully. However I cant just outright make a ton of stacks of them just for the sake of having my quarry going far out.

My conduction pipe system is still viable if I'm willing to let the pipe blow up if it stops and I don't catch it, which is fin as gold conductive pipes will be extremely cheap when I get everything going.

I only wanted to know if I can all have it automated so there was no explosion, though gold conductive doesn't do any damage, you just lose the pipe. I like using the redstone conduit because its much much faster and a lot less power loss. (If I'm not mistaken it doesn't lost power except for the base power loss, even if you do make it 100 blocks long or more).

Alternately I could have extra solar panels and just it be there while the quarry is going, then move my solar grid that's there for each quarry. Or some type of power anyway. (though this way will be expensive as I would at least need 1 HV per quarry, maybe 2, which is VERY expensive.)

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