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[1.3.9]Meridian[PvP/PvE][# 16-20][Whitelist] 32 Slot TS / Forums

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I have a small 16 -20 slot server - The group of people that play regular has fallen recently so I am looking for new blood

Server is basic Whitelisted so I need the name to let you play!

We do PVP and PVE - some options deactivated Anti Matter/Red Matter -

Last PVE - Wither Day

Leave message on to get white listed.

Mature players - not age mature game play - currently no mods looking at adding Factions when sufficient players to make it interesting.

We are currently asking players to read forum for up to date information on any changes or extra's

Come in we have cookies .... well free Trade Booths

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I like to build and create landscapes. Tech too.

Used to run small FTB server, big dig is better ! No time to hose my own server anymore.

Would love to join!

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age: 24

IGN: ballmot

looks like the server isn't whitelisted right now, i've joined it and made a small house, this is one of the best servers i've ever seen, it's totally lag free! (note: please don't grief my stuff, i wanna play again at this server)

It would be nice if you could install a basic protection plugin so that we can lock our chests,maybe even that plugin where you can claim land with a golden shovel! if you need help with plugins, i'm here to help.

edit: wait...this post is 1 month old??? the OP must have stopped following this a long time ago :/

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