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How do I update Space Tekkit to the recommended build?

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If you mean Tekkit 1.0.6, it should have defaulted to that in the settings. If not, when you're on the Technic Launcher, select the Tekkit mod pack(Black and Blue logo) from the right of the launcher. Then right below that you should see a little Gear icon, click that and it will bring up the settings box where you can select Recommended, Latest or older versions.

Then the next time you launch Tekkit it should update your files to the correct version.

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I thought I'd post here rather than start a new topic. When I spawn in a world on Tekkit I get the message: "New Galacticraft version available v0.1.37". My current version is 0.1.34 so I know it hasn't updated. Do I simply download the latest version and replace the old version? Or is that only recommended if you run the mod individually rather than through Tekkit or whatever?

Will it be compatible with the 1.06 server version? As I run my own local server.


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