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Transformers not Working


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I have been trying to hook up a fulmination generator to an advanced battery box and the transformer i've been using doesn't work. It stops the flow of energy. I know I have the output and input right but the energy stops after the transformer. My handheld multimeter says the transformer is outputting 120 volts.

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I'm sorry nobody has replied yet. Transformers are bugged, they also cause memory leaks. My suggestion is if you want to step down the voltage, put a battery box right next to the output of an energy cube of higher voltage.

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If you are using a Bumblebee, you might want to use Optimus Prime. Don't upgrade to Megatron, as that would crash your game. Good luck ;)

*whaps Haskar with a foam replica of an Energon saber*

Wrong kind, doofus. :dogout:

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