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Possible to use the updated versions.

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2 minutes after posting this:

It's out when it's out.

You decide to ask this:

Quiet a few of Tekkit's mods have updated to 1.2, or later. Is it possible to use the updated bukkit versions of them to get the server to 1.2?

Then your long thread about the state of many mods found here:


At least the last one had some substance but how about keeping ETA threads to a max of one, I'd recommend the last one.

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For me it's not worth the time investment and world corruption issues to try and get a 1.2.x server running. The new world height and new wooden planks would rekindle my addiction a little bit though as it has drastically dropped off. If someone has a working server package and doesn't want to speak up because they don't want to become tech support for it (a reasonable concern), I'll gladly take a secret PM zip file!

As for Tekkit, the team knows what they are doing, so I'll just quietly lurk over here.

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