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[0.6.5]The People's Server[PvE/Limited PvP][Small][Whitelist][No banned items yet]

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Hello and welcome to The People's Server!

We are a new and upcoming server that is still a work-in-progress. We have a small staff at the moment but as we gain players and they earn our trust, we will consider applications for moderators and possibly an admin or two!

We have a dedicated host and a dedicated IP for our server! We have 99% uptime so far! Not one interruption since I started hosting it on our dedicated server a month ago!

Features of our server include:

  • Whitelist while we get the server up and running fluidly. Please either post here to apply, or join our server forums and apply there!
  • Most machines in spawn for a limited time running on unlimited power!
  • Buy and sell spawn shops!
  • Our very own resource world!
  • Claims in our home world!
  • PvP & Griefing allowed in Resource World only!
  • Fair play for all players!
  • Chest shops for players!
  • Purchasable Player shop areas!
  • Warps in all four directions on home world!
  • Warps to Spawn shops and Player shop area!
  • New player starter kit with tools, armor, and a golden shovel to make claims.
  • Server hosted events with excellent drops for new players!

The moral of the story is, we're a fresh new server looking for more players to help us discover the bugs! Still working out the kinks but mostly everything is working! There will be voting rewards and donation rewards as well as donation incentives if we reach our monthly server costs! We hope to base the server around The People's needs and wants! SOO, Join up and let us know how we're doing!

Visit our forums at http://z13.invisionfree.com/Thepeoplesserver/index.php!

The dedicated IP for our server is!

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I really wish to join your server and since i'm abit confused about your forums, i'm just gonna apply here :)

My Name is Mikkel, and i'm 23 years old.

I'm from Denmark, but my english is near perfect.

I've only a little experience with tekkit lite, which is also why i wish to join your server, so i can learn, and discover.

I've played alot of Tekkit and know almost everything about it, so i have a feeling that tekkit lite will come somewhat easy aswell.

My IGN is MikkelNorth. in case you want my email address, just write me.

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I am Zachary and I am a 23 year old college student looking to fill a bit of free time with Tekkit Lite.

English is my primary language.

I have three years experience with Vanilla minecraft and a year and a half with "Classic" tekkit. I am still getting the hang of Tekkite lite.

IGN is Ezuru1

If you need to, you may locate me via Skype, Handle SonofEzuru.

Thank you for considering me.

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Hello! I would like to apply for this server. It sounds like my kind of server. I enjoy peace, serenity, and drilling holes in to skulls of creepers. You have white lists, which I enjoy just to keep butt munches out. Ive been banned twice, 1 for constantly trying to kill someone for revenge, and the other for accidently blowing up a faction when I put in the self destruct system. Not the cleanest slate. If you can allow me in to your server, I would be very happy of you to do so. My username is zevo7, have a nice day.

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Hey I'm Kyle.

I'm 15 and love to play tekkit on small servers like this one where we dont have to worry much about griefing :)

My IGN: nosurvivors23

I'm also asking for my friend to be whitelisted so we can play at the same time :)

His username is: kelly1112

I'd love to be a part of your server:)

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Hi my IGN is flameon425 and i have been looking for a good nice quiet tekkit lite server i could join

like one without pvp everywhere not too many banned items you know those ones where you can work in peace

and quiet that is why i am here to see if this is one of those servers please kosider letting me join thank you for you time.

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