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Duplicate Transport Pipes?


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Now that I finally have some time to contribute to the Wiki again, I noticed that I have two items listed in NEI as "Insertion Transport Pipe" (IDs 5807, and 8888), and two listed as "Redstone Transport Pipe" (IDs 5811 and 8889). The recipes are somewhat different and they are certainly not interchangeable in recipes. What's the story?

I'm gathering that the 8888/8889 items are possibly vestigial, but would like to be sure before adding entries into the Wiki.


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great -- thanks for clearing that up.

Now, for future reference, how would I figure that out (if I come across other similar situations)? Do you just have to check out config files to see what item IDs have been used?

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I found that out by using creative mode and looking through the individual mod tabs. Can also use the Item Subset Tab at the top center of the NEI screen to filter by mod. Otherwise ask here. Lots of helpful people on the forums. :)

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