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Particle Accelerator


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So I'm prepared to create a accelerator in my survival server and i headed into my test world to test it out. So It's not working and I was wondering if anyone can point out what I'm doing wrong, here are some screen shots.






Heres how i set it up:


And heres the accelerator GUI:


I've tried removing the Cells as well

It finishes, then starts re-accelerating outputting nothing

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yes im glad im not the only one first off i know it say 30x30 for best results that however does nothing i have mine at 60x60 approx nad it does work however you should know if your plan is to use this with the fulmiation generator to produce power forget it it takes forever to get one antimatter thing and it only produces about 14000mj

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It should be able to run with a ring as small as 9x9, but will be completely inefficient. The bigger the ring, the higher the efficiency. Your power supply looks fine. My only guess is how you did your ring. The corners might need to be finished off more. Also, are you using tekkit 1.0.6 or 1.1.5?

I'll test it out on my computer and see if I can figure this out. I could of thought I had it working for me. I'll let you know if I come up with anything.

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Ok, don't see a problem with the design. it held up just fine. But I can't test it completely, the game keeps crashing out with a ticking entity error (in chickenchunks chunkloader and several of the core minecraft scripts)whenever I try running the accelerator now.

But I did decipher this much. 30x30 will never reach 100%, and will restart with no output at about 90%. 45 x 45 will do the same, at about 96% got it up to 64 x 64, was accelerating quickly and got to 99% before the game crashed... That's as far as I could test... :\ Something's bugged. May or may not be the accelerator. had a bunch of stuff running on the map.

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ahhhh yes i see if that works but the electromagnets for me at least wernt so expensive that dropping 4 of them would be that much of a change

on a side note no matter how i look at this there is no pratical use for this it just doesnt produce enough maybe if it speeds up but im not noticing a change in speed what so ever

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