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When we just started to play POE, we have no idea to have a clear plan for your passive tree. Most of us may have messed up the points. Or when you find someone’s passive tree is amazing, you want to try the same. What would you do when you want to reset the points?

Follow the original way. Some players would not change their way even after they find out that their direction is wrong. For example, the most important attribute for ranger is Dexterity, but they add most of their points on Strength. Instead of making changes or reset the points, they choose to follow the original path. Maybe it is a way to death, or maybe they can create something totally new and amazing. Being a different ranger may be risky, but more challenging as well.

You can come to http://upitems.com/path-of-exile-items for more ideas about this issue and you can also let us know your own thoughts.

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