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cant connect olie tanks togheter?


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i have 8 olie tanks there are connected toghter by Waterproof stone pipes.

at one of them there is connected a wood pipe and a combusted engine to pump oil over to 3 others combustings engiens there are producing energy to my Qurrery.

but.. when the tank the combustion are connected to are empty the oile form the other 7 tanks dossent flow over to the 1 tank..

the tanks are connected at the top with wood pipes and a teleport to get the olie there.. and are connected at the buttom with stone pipes (waterproof) to get the olie out.

What is wrong ? :S

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my eyes glazed over half-way through, does someone have a translation in english?

You asked for it :P


I have 8 oil tanks which are connected together by waterproof stone pipes.

One of them has a wooden pipe connected to a combustion engine, which pumps the oil to my three other combustion engines that power my quarry.

Unfortunately, when the tank which the combustion engines are connected to is empty, it is not refilled from the other seven tanks

The tanks are connected at the top via wooden pipes, and a teleport pipe transports the oil into the tanks themselves, the bottoms are connected via stone waterproof pipes in order to extract the oil

Can anyone shed some light on my predicament? :S

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hmm if you have it just like that, then your wooden pipes are at the bottom anyhow. make sure they are all powered by an engine of some kind, even redstone works.

edit: just watched some more of the video. his setup is flawed. tanks will not auto balance by putting normal pipes between them. if you look, the pipes aren't even connecting to the tanks.

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