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[1.0.11]Nano Craft[PvP][100][Assembly line]~ Let the war begin


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Server IP: Voltz.nano-cft.org

Server rules: No hacking, No duping,No cheats.

Banned items: Redmatter bombs and explosives, Anti matter missle and explsives,Armbot

This server is a raiding and greifing server. we have factions and nice staff we started the server up about a week ago and we are looking to improve of players. the players we have are havinnbggbn lots of fun so i decided to improve the players by adding it to the officle server list.

we are a 24/7 server with 4gb ram and 20tps if we have downtime we will warn you guys on website

We are a freindly community that are looking for players that will stay and injoy the server for what it is and like to play liget

we will be uploading pictures soon

Website: http://nano-cft.enjin.com

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IGN: playtoop

Experiance: I played voltz since it came out then i stopped for awhile because the server shutdown i was playing on

If you need me to add more to this please let me know and i will get back to it as soon as i can. Also if you add me please let me know. Thank you.

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