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They've had info about sims 4 out for awhile now, but they still decided to design the create a new expansion for sims 3. That makes it 11 expansions.

I have the first 5 expansions for 3 already, but catching up would take another $150 + whatever the new one would cost.

Screw that. The game is fun and all, but not ~$500 of fun.

Infact, I'm going to putz around in Unity tonight as see what kind of movement AI the free version may or may not have. I really like the game concept of the sims but damn if I'm paying $40 x 12 + $20 x (however many gameplay features they implemented as store purchases) just to get a feature complete game.

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Par for the course unfortunately, this is why I haven't played a lot of the sims 3 content. I just dont have a 900$ budget every time a new sims comes out. I'm hoping sims 4 is more feature complete out of the gate, but history says no.

That aside, great game, I've constructed "dream homes" that make me sad I'll never be able to afford, haha.

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I find it really confusing that the only marginally sims like games I can find are The Movies (which is 8 years old, 7 years out of support, and is more business than social sim), a pair of adult games called Singles (which seem to be porn disguised as the sims), and that playboy mansion game.

This genre has people paying hundreds of dollars for what is soon to be the 3rd rehash of their doll house. How has this been passed up by the other studios out there? One of the big boys could whip out a feature complete base game with a sears catalog DLC store and make a killing off everyone switching.

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hm there are only two other tiles, but they are both online based games unlike the sims. I know this post is whell old by now.. If you know where to look at are lucky you can get the orignal sims games for cheap. I found my copy at the local good will. Now as the sims 3 goes it is not bad. EA made a bundle that includes the sims 3, late night, and high end loft stuff you can now get it for 20 USD cash, how ever you will need an origen account do to the disc having DRM, and no there is no way around the DRM witch is why I sat the thing on fire after I could not get a refund! At most each expansion pack should not go more then 30 bucks (that is based on our local targets prices(you store may varry). So you will not have to spend as much money on it now. Also buying them on ebay is also a good way if you care about money, unless it is the katty perrry expanison as that is out of print and is worth a little bit of change and worth holding onto just in chase it becomes worth something. Also  I have to agrea that the sims 4 is a waste of money, witch is why I will never buy it, and that it needs origen witch does not run at all in wine with out it being patched.

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