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help , strange problem , sever

hero 062

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ok sorry guys , ok so i can run the sever file and it will say done and all of us can connect on hamachi . when we try and join on multiplayer none of us can join anymore

it will say connection lost or bad login and sometimes it will crash tekkit

hope this helps

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We need a crash log or something. Give us more - we need to know hard data about what went wrong that screwed up your server.

We can't just start going, "Is this your problem? Try this. If it works then this was your problem. If not then try this... etc."

We don't have time for that, you don't have time for that, nobody wants to deal with that. With a crash log, however, more than likely someone can figure out what's wrong just by reading it.

Edit: Also, it'd help immensely if you put this in the Tekkit Bug Board. Because

This is not where bug reports go

Quoth the Kaker, in the sticky thread.

You'd have much more luck finding help in the bug reports section anyways.

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