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Backpacks not opening


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Hi guys,

I just got my server up, and got the technic launcher. No other mods on the server or my client other than standard hexxit.

I made a backpack, but I can't open it. The key is bound to "b". It doesn't do anything when pressed.

Any ideas? thanks

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No, the backpack will not let you wear armour if it's equipped in the chest slot.

However, Tconstruct adds a 'KNAPSACK' which is the one that goes into your armor GUI


However, it doesn't act the same as a backpack, as you can put other backpacks and containers into your knapsack, see it as an expansion to your inventory.

Keep in mind that the knapsack is a seperate part of the armor Gui and might not always load. If it dissapears, open the armor GUI and it should appear again.

The knapsack 's inventory is NOT saved when using NEI's built in inventory copier and is also not protected by charms that give you your inventory back, so make sure that you keep valuables out of there when you travel into very dangerous areas.

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