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Bee House Hostile Environment issue.


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I have read about 20-25 forums on this, but none of the advice works.

When I place a Bee House and open it, there is a box in the top right telling me it's in a hostile environment.

I've tried EVERY biome (Took ALONG time to find them all Large Biomes seemed a good idea at the time), near trees, away from trees, near water away from water, surrounded with torches (and not), tired placing, removing and placing again several times. But nothing, no matter what I do, I can't get the flipping thing to work.

I'm running the Recommended version of Big Dig, on Windows 7 Ult (fully updated), and Java 7 Upd 25.

Does anyone actually know how to fix this, or is it completely broken?

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If bees are in an area too damp or arid, that can tip the bees to not work.

Get a beealyzer, examine the bees, and make sure the bees are what you think they are. (I once had an excited bee that needed water lilies in a cold environment. I was testing with all kinds of bees then)

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