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/home mod Expansion?


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Looking around a bit I can't really seem to find a valid fix for this.

Is there a mod out there compatible with Hexxit that allows you to use /home etc. between different dimensions without being warped into the void or other nonsense, SPECIFICALLY for single player purposes?

I'm already aware of the dozen server mods available for bukkit and such.

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I don't understand. Using a mod should make no difference between singleplayer and multiplayer, since singleplayer runs off an emulated server. Why wouldn't a working mod on a multiplayer server work on singleplayer? I've played on a lot of servers that use /home and it seems to work fine between dimensions (not sure about DD since it's usually disabled).

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I did try to install that before, but unfortunately due to incompatibility with Player API (Required for some mods I'm tweaking along with Hexxit), it won't run.

The update that will have it support player API will probably roll out with an update to the 1.6.2 version.

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