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Faster Way to Modify

Hey Kevo

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Is there a faster way to modify using the tool table? Adding 450 lapiz lazuli to a pickaxe 2 at a time is quite the time sink. I've tried dozens of combinations of clicking/shift/alt/control/etc... and can't seem to get it to apply by the stack. Thanks

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While there is a mod that allows you to make macros in game, I'd suggest downloading autohotkey and making a script like the following


Loop, n


WinWait, Hexxit, 

IfWinNotActive, Hexxit, , WinActivate, Hexxit, 

WinWaitActive, Hexxit, 

MouseClick, left,  xxx,  yyy

Sleep, 2

MouseClick, left,  xxx,  yyy

Sleep, 2



Get the mouse coordinates you'd need and just jam ctrl + Space to get it moving, edit how many times you want it to loop.

I know it's basic, but I haven't really worked with it that much yet.

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