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  1. It's from Tinkerer's Construct and is currently only used for the knapsack and heart canisters.
  2. Use blocks instead? That's nine at once.
  3. You should keep yourself up to date by reading the change log, here. As to why, the falling meteor mod's items can be right clicked from the hotbar to add their enchantments so they can used to get free exp levels.
  4. Updating big dig from 1.3.9 fixed this for me, or at least it removed all the chocobos.
  5. Simple fix here, just to the OP game mode config in the forestry config folder and change the fertilizer time value, easy mode's is 2000 so maybe 10000 would be a good number.
  6. That's part of the Transformers IC2 add-on, and was removed from tekkit awhile ago.
  7. The old farms and harvesters will be gone in 1.5 so everyone needs to get used to the new multi farms anyway. Some info on the multi farms http://forestry.sengir.net/wiki.new/doku.php?id=farms:structure
  8. Try the Sigma plus pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/plussigmapack.27
  9. I for one welcome our new pink wither overlords.(All the videos are a nice touch, well done Mojang)
  10. use gates and pipe wire to control it better
  11. This is what got removed. http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=5789
  12. I don't like Millenaire myself, the vanilla villages are more useful once you add Forestry and Thaumcraft into the mix. The lag Millenaire causes increase once villages start warring or trading and Millenaire villages are difficult to upgrade(any ravine or lake within the village can't be built over). Oh and you can just go ahead and delete Millenaire too.
  13. Blech FTB, I gave up on it after a week of failed downloads. But when you have to download the files from something called Creeper host you should expect it to blow up in your face. If FTB ever gets their shit together and uses a good host for the downloads I might change my mind.
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