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Mobs missing.


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Hello, I just started playing Hexxit a week ago. Today I noticed that the mobs in the castles, I guess they would be castles, forts not the towers. Anyways the mobs are not spawning. I have only seen one of those mobs that starts out in a pile of armor on the ground. I can't remember their names. I see all the regular mobs but none of the other ones. I guess not all, the tower boss is there. I haven't seen any on my server or in single player. I am currently reinstalling the launcher and going to jump to other servers and see if they spawn in those servers. Also I haven't seen any wild chocobos the eggs are there but have not seen any in the wild. That could be just cause I haven't seen any though.

Thanks for any help with this and let me know if you need any more info. I'll give whatever I can.

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Thanks for the responses. After redownloading the launcher. I loaded a new world and this time I picked suvival and allowed cheats. They spawn in now. I didn't even think about being in creative. I was trying to show a friend the modpack and always loaded up in creative. I finally got to play lastnight and really enjoyed the dungeons. Thanks for the help.

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Don't forget you can always use NEI to switch between creative and survival.

If you can't see the NEI menu in the inventory, set the GUI scale to anything BUT Auto and press O a few times in the inventory menu.

Have fun and be carefull, it's dangerous out there!

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