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"Bomb Shot"


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I have 2 players on my server who are avid "ranged characters". They really like alot of the mods that improve ranged combat. Something they wanted me to bring up/discuss is the "Bomb Shot" feature from the Legendary Gear mod.

They love it, but it doesnt seem to work right all the time. There is another arrow quiver you can craft (I dont know which mod it is from) but if that quiver is in your inventory, the "Bomb Shot" wont work. They use the other quiver to hold essence crafted arrows, which arent compatable with the Legendary Gear quiver.

They were wondering if it would be possible if the "Bomb Shot" feature could be changed to work even if the other quiver type was in thier inventory?

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I'd like to second this, and also compatibility with the Legia bow would be nice (for the triple arrow, enchanted arrows and bomb shot).

As for the quiver, don't forget you can craft a Knapsack to expand your inventory, or press O and store the quiver in any of the slots you have open, so it won't interact with the bomb shot.

Just wait till you get one of the TConstruct bows :P

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The Knapsack isnt something I knew about before. That is a neat item. Unfortuantely, if there are essence crafted arrows in your inventory, the "Bomb Shot" still does not appear to work (even the Knapsack inventory). I will ask the players if they have used the Tinker's arrows and if the "Bomb Shot" works if those are in the inventory.

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I made a Tinker's bow and arrows (and you are right, there are some potent combinations there).

You cant put the Tinker arrows in a quiver (even the "manual load" quiver). The Tinker bow will fire arrows from a quiver before it fires Tinker arrows in your inventory (and the Tinker bow does some awful damage with non-Tinker arrows. The damage seems oddly low with essence crafted arrows too).

So the Tinker bow will do the "Bomb Shot", you just cant use Tinker arrows with it.

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Indeedly-do, adding to that the worst part is that, just like the legia bow, it seems to use essence arrows with either lesser effect or no effect at all, hence why I said Just wait >.>

However, 30 damage per incredibly long range shot (16x Feather Fletch + Slime rod + Manyullyn Tip + 3x 72 Quartz) is good enough for me.

If you got a netherstar farm, just make unbreakable insta-kill arrows.

Check out mah page for more info on tweaking arrows. (Shameless plug)



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