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Tekkit server

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Im desperatly looking for help setting up a tekkit server. all the tutorials i can find are specifically for hosting your own of a physical machine you can touch an log into to. i cant find any tuts for a server that you rent. i use a company ( not sure if i can tell you the name of em as it might be advertising an idk if thats frowne don here. just ask me an ill tell you ) an they allow me complete ftp access. i can copy, paste, delete , edit anythign i want that relates to my server. i just can run thing like batch files.

what ive done so far is emulate the server im paying for using my pc an ran the batch file with those settings then copied an pasted the server stuff onto the actual server. but when i log onto the server it says "a tekkit server" so it recognizes its tekkit but theres nothing tekkit related except the armor windows now have an outline of armor. beyond that theres nothign new other then basic minecraft stuff an all commands dont work as well. so i figure the cop an paste route while valid was probably done wrong. so im looking for a person that can instruct me in how to set up a tekkit server via FTP ONLY. so ill need what files go into which folders an all that an such. if requested i can provide the info for the basic setup of what folders an files are present an possibly depending probably even allow temporary ftp access should you really need it.( unlikly cuz i can just tell you what ever you need to know) any help would be appreciated. please dont link me random links that "might" be relevant. i need help with the specific issue. the self hosting links wont help me as i cant log on an run batch files.

TL;DR i need help setting up a server that i dont have physical access to an can run files off of. only ftp access . im paying monthly to a 3rd party company to host my server for me.

thanks in advance .

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to what end? they wont set up mods for me. they will just tell me to speak with the mod people. they gave me complete ftp access an dont allow you to run batches cuz it could compromise the server. im sure the developers have a way to do it manually with out a batch file. seeing as the batch files usually written last.

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You've given us no useful information on the software used to control the server or if you can even run custom server jars, depending on the software they are running will determine how you would go about getting Tekkit to work.

The best bet is to contact them, this isn't asking for help to get a bukkit plugin working, this is a request to run a completely different server wrapper working. If they say they won't help, or that they wont let you run a custom wrapper, then go find another host, they are a dime a dozen and a fair number will no doubt give you the help you need just to get your custom.

If you can't leave or don't want to leave your going to need to provide a lot more details about the setup of the server you have, if your not 100% sure of the software controlling it you will at least know the file structure of the server folder you can ftp into eg:





If they are using Multicraft as their hosting software try following my solution here: http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,4943.msg30843.html#msg30843

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I guess your server says "A Tekkit Server" because that is in the server.properties file you uploaded. The server they are starting loads that file but not the correct jar file. Are there any jar files in the root directory? If there is something like a "minecraft_server.jar" you could try to rename your tekkit.jar to the name of that jar file and start the server. Also if your provider is not offering java7, then disable the IC2AdvancedMachines mod in the modloader.cfg or you will get errors during startup.

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Guest fondelaar

a didicated server doesnt need much configuration. evrything is done for you. you just have to add tekkit to it and ur done

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