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Items seem to despawn unusually fast?


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I Searched for this but couldn't find a thread mentioning it.

First of all, its my understanding that items have a 5000 tick despawn timer, does the server software or ANY of the mods( I gave up trying to research this possibility) intentionally effect despawn times? Is this a config option i have never heard of?

I have had problems with half an inventory or more of items despawning within mere SECONDS, ex. my friend is right next to me and dies, i get only about half his inventory, the rest is just gone. In this example I was wearing a meteorite chest but it is not limited to the meteorite armor effect.

Next related question, zombies, and other mobs that have the ability to pick up items, are supposed to drop them correct? Because This idea I have that a zombie picked it up and died with it and lost it forever is the only other possibility I can think of. Oh, there is no fire and/or lava involved. This problem has been experienced with just a SINGLE skeleton archer(I know that kinda defeats the zombie idea but im really confused here).

I have a sever set up to be just local for a friend and I, we have been playing minecraft together for over a year now and have never had this problem. We both LOVE this mod pack, it has made minecraft fun to explore again, but this despawning items problem is ruining the experience for us.

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I noticed this yesterday when a friend of mine was dropping items to me when we were both wearing magnet armour, it went straight into my inventory, but after I opened my inventory a second time, everything was gone.

There seems to be some desync between player inventory on (LAN) servers that frequently wipes stuff. I've also noticed this when using the Knapsack for inventory expansion, sometimes the contents of the knapsack will reset themselves to about 5 minutes prior. Also a desync.

As for items being destroyed, keep in mind that explosion-deaths (including fireball/fire deaths) will delete some of the items.

Further, I can't find any information about items being deleted other than being around 5 minutes.

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Thanks for the quick response, I definitely found out the hard way about creepers (and all other fire/explosion deaths) a LONG time ago, so I expect to loose items in those situations.

And that seems to be a similar problem but I've never noticed things appearing/disappearing from inventory or backpack, It's only items that SHOULD fall to the ground, but don't, or at least don't last long enough to be picked up, its hard to tell.

I found it weird because I've never noticed the problem outside Hexxit, probably should have put that in my first post but that's why its in this forum.

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I think the magnetization enchant can cause some wacky stuff with free floating items, especially if there is more than one player in an area with magnetization on. I've had items disappear before, but I bet they are simply clipping through the world or getting flung outside the reach of the magnetism.

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