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Random FPS Drops


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On average I get high FPS on Minecraft but sometimes on hexxit it just drops to about 1 FPS.

I bring up task manager to see what it is doing and nothing is out of the ordinary, It just decides to eat all my CPU then stops then starts again.

I have tried changing settings to low and setting it at high priority but nothing changes. In fact even on lowest it gets the FPS drops.

after a while it gets better but soon after they come back. Anyone know a way to stop this?

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if you have a 64 bit processor you can get java 64x and up the allocated memory, I would suggest between 2-3 gigs is really good for ssp above that things get wierd and below that you have issues, also still expect performance drops when expoloring new areas ie growing the map because if you have a dungeon or a castle or something spawn it will lag you out for a couple seconds sometimes as much as a minute ( had 3 dungeons and a castle spawn in one set of chunks). But in fully genned areas you shouldn't see too much of an issue.

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