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Why do IC2 recipies not work?


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I have the latest Tekkit 1.0.6 server JAR running and use the Technic Launcher as the client. Most plugins seem to work, I can use Thermal Expansion, Modular Powersuits, Iron Chests etc. However, I cannot build any IC2 items, mainly for the lack of rubber. For example, I can't build a Treetap, i.e. when I put wooden planks into a crafting grid in the correct layout, nothing happens. Also I cannot find any Stickyreed in my world. I stead I can get Rubber Wood from rubber trees, as well as Raw Rubber, which can be smelted into Rubber Bars. Unfortunately I have no use for any of those rubber items. What could be the problem?

Thanks, Felixc

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Easy, the problem is that you ASSUMED that there would be IC2 in the latest Tekkit.

There isn't, and no amount of whinging will get them back in. It's a very dead mod, with little to no improvements and vey long update times. Get used to TE, it's a very nice mod.

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On http://tekkitlite.wikia.com/wiki/Tekkit_Lite_Wiki it says:

Tekkit Lite is the newest in the Tekkit series and, running on a base of Minecraft 1.4.7, it boasts even more mods than its predecessor Tekkit Classic.

I got the server and client from http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit/. So that web site is where I should look for information? I couldn't find much documentation about the plugins there.

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There are a few tings you need to realize.

There are three official Tekkit packs.

(In chronological order) Tekkit Classic -> Tekkit Lite -> Tekkit

They all have their own pages.

Tekkit (the new one, called just plain ol "Tekkit") is the one you want. It has no IC2, but that is a positive aspect, because when even the buggy beta builds stop trickling out for IC2 you will still be able to update. Thousands of people are having a great time with the new stuff. Don't get stuck in the past.

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