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EE2 - Energy Collector (MK1) Only Producing 1 EMC/s

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Hey guys,

I'm running the new tekkit server, but I've recently created a Equivalent Exchange energy collector (MK1) but its only putting out 1 EMC/s instead of 4. I've asked the EE2 guys, and they said come here.

Anyone know what's a miss?

Cheers Olly!

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Check the server configuration files. By default, they make EE machines run at one quarter of their normal speed.

While you're rooting in the files, you may want to dig around in the Red Power configuration files and shut off that mod's rubber trees, if you're so inclined.

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In the file mod_EE.props, look for the line "machineFactor=4" (it should be nestled in between all the Item entries and Allow entries) and change that. It goes up to 16, which makes EE machines operate at 1/16 normal speed. Change it to 1 to make it run at regular single player speed.

Unless you were asking about the Red Power trees. In which case, look in the redpower directory, open the redpower.cfg file (but not with Notepad, the formatting shits itself) and scroll down to the bottom. Look for the rubbertree=1 line and change that to rubbertree=0 and there you go, no more of those giant ugly stubborn fuckers choking your world.

There's a similar file in your .techniclauncher/tekkit/whatever directory. I advise you dig that up, and while there's no line to disable rubber trees, there is a line to make logic gates silent while they do their thing, which is very important for peace of mind if you plan on doing anything that involves a rapid clock.

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from what i read it was changed purposely, because servers run when people are not online, it was a balance issue

This is correct. The output of all collectors in 1.38 and later has been cut by a factor of 4, when playing in multiplayer. The EMC produced by relays, however, was not affected.

I've done a fair amount of research into this, and have posted most of the important stuff in my guide. The nerf ends up not really being that bad.

An ideal 17/5/1 flower in SSP can produce enough EMC to pay for itself in 4.58 hours. When you play SMP, and have the nerf, the ideal 17/5/1 flower can produce enough EMC to pay for itself in 5.98 hours. So, it's basically a 25% nerf.

If, however, you use Mark 3 relays and Mark 3 collectors, then the "payoff time" goes from 4.88 hours (SSP) to 10.81 hours (SMP). Don't do this.

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