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THE SUMMIT - UK Based Small, Mature (1.0.5) - PVE / Community / Whitelist


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Thanks for clicking in.

Hexxit Server with 3gb RAM, at present I have limited it to 15 player slots at a time but will expand.

The ethos of our server is to play together and enjoy Hexxit for what it is, an adventuring exploration ModPack.

Plugins Installed: Essentials, ClearLagg, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, EssentialsGroupManager, Lockette, EssentialsSpawn, Reset_End, Ban Item (Just for glitchy EnderBow)

Our New Community Forum Page:


Feel free to join in and start some discussion and arrange some adventures.

We are looking for a mature mindset, age is not a concern!

There is also keepInventory as a gamerule in the main world, nether, twilight forest and the end.... make adventuring so much more fun when you don't lose your stuff!!

We have now built a Spawn including a roller coaster!!

The Economy is Active .. Market Hall is under construction.

If you are interested in this way of playing please message or post here stating your username and why we should accept you.

Co_Owner: tman11233

Admin: Booaaboy

There will be a little delay on getting Whitelist accepted due to other commitments but I will endeavour to turn it round asap.

Good Luck and I look forward to playing with you.

Peace Out!

Mr 1.

ps: I am speaking with the Server Hosts with a view to getting a dedicated 8GB server in November if the community base grows! Be Part of it!!

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IGN: Raslad

I'm looking for a mature server where the members don't just stand around a mob farm waiting for loot. I don't want players to /home when the battle gets too tough. I don't want players to beg for handouts. Play the modpack...

About me: Currently in Hawaii, 28, doesn't youtube, rarely uses Skype

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