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LIquids in applied energetics.


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Not directly, though it can be configured to handle them in recipes pretty well. Are you trying to craft anything with liquids, or just storage?

My plan is for a factory that makes buckets of all the different liquids. I figured I could work with a liqi-crafter but I wanted to be sure there was not an AE solution.

Considering it is a mod centered around storage the omission of liquids seems odd.

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It's intended purpose was to replace chests and buildcraft transport pipes. IMO leaving liquids out makes perfect sense, but that's just me. Maybe something will be added sometime.

You could use an array of liquid transposers and ME interfaces. Just add crafting recipes for all the different buckets to the corresponding interface.

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Also, liquids that can be created are easy to create on-demand (energized glowstone, destabilized redstone, etc.) and those that exist in the world (water, lava) can just be piped in in a steady stream, so I don't have a lot of need to store liquids in that form. But I was going to suggest a Liquicrafter... might help you out somewhat.

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