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Automatic smeltery (WIP) - Feedback/ideas appreciated


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Hello guys.

I'm currently working on a automatic smeltery room.

The idea is the following:

- You put all your ores in one chest

- The ores are then sorted to different smelteries (each ore will have it's one smeltery assigned)

- The ores are smelted into either ingots or blocks

- The output is put into chests

So far I've done all of the above with the exception of the sorting of all the ores, currently you manually sort the ores and put them in the assigned chests for smelting.

Also, the way you turn the individual smeltery on is by pulling a lever - I want to make a T Flip-Flop and use buttoms instead.

I would like to get some feedback and ideas from you guys on this project. :)

Also, does any of you know if it is possible to automaticly put lava in a lava tank, instead of doing this manually?

I've made a .schematic of the smeltery and one segment of the smeltery, just in case any of you guys wanted to try it out. For some reason I keep on getting crashed everytime I import the .schematic into a world, so I can't make a world download, unfortunately.







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I've added a sorting system as well as a control panel to start/stop each smeltery. I still need to clean it up and make it a bit more compact, but I'll post some pictures when I'm done with that.


Also added color-coding for the wiring

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