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[1.5.x] Matter Rejigger (Energy Condenser Replacement)


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I was a bit frustrated not having an energy condenser from EE2 in New Tekkit so I coded a new object called the Matter Rejigger which fills the gap until something better comes along in EE3.

UPDATE 0.0.3 (2013-08-12):

  • Made a few tweaks to better balance cloning.
  • Rejigger now takes damage level of items into account.
  • Added support for Forestry mod woods.

Download Link:


Installation Instructions:

Just drop it in your mods folder.

Crafting Instructions:

Construct your Rejigger like so:


And then Rejig around to your heart's content:


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Oh, really? Cool. This is my first mod so I wasn't sure if it was bad form or not. I'll put it back up. All the code is original.

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