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IRC Impatience Olympics


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I'm sure none of you hang around in the IRC channel on SynIRC, but one thing I've noticed there is a tendency for users (mostly ones using a web client) to join, ask if anyone is present, and promptly leave before anyone can answer.

This thread is dedicated to cataloging their impatience, and finding out just who is the most impatient person in IRC.

Here's the way it works: Sit in the Technic IRC channel. When you notice an impatient user, post their username and time-to-leave in this thread, as well as what they post if it's sufficiently amusing.

This post will be updated with contenders as needed.


  • irctc360: 15s (17:50:33 to 17:50:48)
  • cul8rg8r: 25s (16:40:30 to 16:40:55)
  • Tazman_01: 49s (19:59:14 to 20:00:03)

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