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Setting up a new server and working out banned items...


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Hi all!

First off I would just like to say that I really like this modpack! I've played vanilla minecraft and stumbled on the technic website and fell in love with the video for tekkit. I resolved to setup a server!

I am about a week in to setting this thing up the way I want it and I am having problems.

My plan was to have the main world be PvE with absolutely no PvP allowed and let people request to have this things protected.

I am able to protect stuff with world guard, but now I am trying to ban some items that I think can get around world guard such as quarry's, dynamite, turtles, etc etc.

This is my first question. What is the best way to tackle these items and ban them for anyone but my admins?

Now I know after reading posts that banning quarrys is VERY unpopular, but fear not! I have a plan. I am using mystcraft to create 2 other worlds. 1 Will be a farming world where quarrys and turtles are allowed.People will stake claims and be able to protect their stuff.

This is the second question how can I allow some of the previously banned items on this world?

Finally I am going to create another world in mystcraft that will be a no rules pvp go nuts work it all out place for people to go.

The third question is just like the second. How do I allow all items here while protecting the other two worlds in the ways I've mentioned?

P.S. I really appreciate any help given.

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I tried a few plugins, but the only one that seems to work is worldguard blacklist... it doesn't seem to work on the dynamite sticks.

another problem is that I have the spawn protected with worldguard, but people can still throw the dynamite and the explosions destroy blocks in the spawn

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IIRC, WorldGuard has a "use" flag. If you deny this, you won't be able to throw dynamite.

Thank you for that! One more question for you... I think right now my admins have wg.* permissions... can I have that and specifically deny the use for their group as well? or does the * override anything else?

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