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[1.0.5]ZodiacCraft[PvP/PvE][20 Slots][Open][Towny][McMMO]

Darren Jones

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Server IP:

Rules: 1. No Griefing.

2. Cursing is allowed. Just dont spam it.

3. Buildings must look nice. No dirt houses or 1x1 towers of cobblestone to the sky.

4. Try to keep deforestation contained. If you take down a tree, replant it.

5. Keep the world looking nice.

Plugins: Vault, Towny, McMMO, Iconomy, MoneyDrop, Essentials.

24/7 Expected uptime. With auto restarts. I hope for a community that likes to work together. Go adventuring and build together. Friendly helpful community.

This a new server, so spawn is pretty small right now. If want to help build it, just ask.

Come join and have fun!

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Uhh Read rule #2 Swearing is allowed.
I went here on my first day then they actually swore right infront of my face. I recommend you do not come to this server, They even cursed in caps lock

Do not join this server.

It was his first day, and they swore in caps infront of his face.

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